Vanity thought #622. Right to kill

I’m not talking 007 here, I’m still on the rant about the concept of “human rights”. This part is inspired largely by a lecture by HH Bhaktividyapurna Swami about pitfalls or liberalism.

The modern wisdom goes that real relationships can develop only between equal, free individuals. That this way the relationships are free from any oppression, that they come from the heart and reflect the true inspiration of the soul. This probably goes back to ancient Greeks and their concept of democracy – only citizens were considered worthy of relationships and could participate in debates and discussions and cast their votes. Slaves and women were treated as inferior and kept outside the public sphere. Even in the “enlightened” US only male land owners were originally given the right to vote.

Ever since then the progress was seen not in recognizing and protecting the rights of slaves and women, it was seen in stripping them of their identity and shaping them to be just like men. Relationships between masters and slaves are denied and condemned to the dark pages of history. Traditional husband-wife roles are soon to follow, too. Next will be parent-children. Relationships between bosses and their employees are also being reshaped and organized in a “democratic” way but taking that away from business owners might take a little longer.

Coincidentally, master-slave relationships could be an example of how people treated shudras in Vedic times – fully engaged and fully at the mercy of their employers/owners. Also fully provided for and fully protected, all their needs must have been met, but that’s a different story for another day.

Varnashrama, coming from Krishna Himself, reflects the hierarchy of the spiritual world – no one is free and independent, everyone has seniors he has to defer to at all times and everyone has juniors and dependents he should take full responsibility for.

In a godless world all relationships are flat – it’s just little gods negotiating for their places in the sun, no one is intrinsically higher than the other and no one is lower. The result is that people do not have any obligations and no responsibility for each other whatsoever. No one can be trusted and no one can be relied upon. Everyone is on his own and everyone is for himself. There are no dependents to look after and their are no superiors to seek help from.

And this is where the idea of relationships between free people falls on its face – there are no relationships, there are no commitments, there’s no dedication, no permanency, only self-interests and negotiations.

So, they give people freedom to do whatever they want in line with their “human rights”, but what it means is that they also cut off all their inter-personal connections. Previously people would demand something from others for the sake of their relationships and their counterparts would happily oblige, like husband would promise not to look at other women to keep his wife happy and secure, or the boss would promise to fill new positions only through in-company promotions to keep trust of his staff.

Now it’s: “You are free to do whatever you want and I don’t give a damn. I do not owe you anything and you do not owe me anything apart form what is written in the contract or prenuptials. To speak from my heart – I can’t care less about your existence.”

This is how freedom and rights kill our relationships, and, in effect, kill our human form of life which is meant for developing this relationships for our common spiritual benefit.

Human lives are wasted on us, next time we’ll be born as demons.

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