Vanity thought #623. Luxury of being stupid

We don’t have it, others do, and it ain’t fair but it is what it is.

Residents of the Holy Dham are special souls, not of this world, they are like Krishna’s family. In this world no matter what you do you will still be someone’s son or someone’s father or brother. Family relationships do not depend on the happenings of the material world, once you incarnated you’ll stay in your position until you die.

We accept the right of children not to testify against their parents and vice versa, we accept that our criminal laws do not apply to family matters. It’s a lot more difficult to accept that ALL the laws of material nature do not apply to dhamavasis. Yes, they surely get born and then die like everyone else but no matter what they do in between they will never cease to be Krishna’s dearest devotees.

When we visit Navadvipa or Vrindavan we are told to treat dhamavasis as residents of spiritual Goloka even if they appear in a material form, and we sort of accept it but it’s very difficult to implement it practice, especially if we get ourselves in regular dealings with them. It’s very easy to forget their vastly superior position.

They can cheat us out of our money, Krishna won’t mind, they can even eat fish or eggs and Krishna wouldn’t mind, too. They might get some sort of punishment for their material misdeeds but it will be behind closed doors of their family, not in public view where we will have the chance to basque in our “righteousness” and feel vindicated. It’s for our own good not to give us this chance of self-destruction.

They also have the luxury of being stupid.

There was an episode during Lord Chaitanya’s travels in Vrindavana when all the locals became convinced that Krishna has manifested Himself again in the Kaliya lake. They were sure they saw Him on top of the serpent and they were sure they saw the glare of the jewels on Kaliya’s hoods.

Their devotion to Krishna was natural and spotless, He was their life and soul and they were happy to see Him everywhere and in everything. They were also fools, Lord Chaitanya Himself called them so.

Here’s the fundamental difference between them and us – they can afford to see Krishna where He is not present while we cannot. Their foolishness does not affect their spiritual position but our foolishness affects ours. They didn’t become any less dear to Krishna for being fools but Lord Chaitanya’s assistant brahmana who took their proclamations for real got “mercifully slapped”.

You can almost see Lord Chaitanya’s frustration. He is Krishna Himself, people come to see Him but mistake Him for an ordinary human but when they see an ordinary human fishing they mistake him for Krishna (that’s what they saw in the lake). It’s even more frustrating when Lord Chaitanya’s personal servant thinks that he has to go see Krishna directly elsewhere despite being with the Lord for many months.

There’s also a powerful message there and Srila Prabhupad explains it in the purport (CC Madhya.18.99) – we should learn to see Krishna through the words of our spiritual master and do not deviate or be fooled by people suggesting there’s a better vision to be had elsewhere.

Many of our devotees decided that they would reach Krishna faster by going to this or that magical babaji of Vrindavana, they thought that listening to far out revelations of those babajis is a better and more exciting way than reading our books, chanting rounds, and following four regs. They do not think they can see the Lord in the words of Srila Prabhupada. What fools!

And there’s no one to slap sense into them anymore, as if Lord Chaitanya has withdrawn His mercy, too.

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