Vanity thought #647. Jai Nrisimha

Will not miss this for the life of me. Lord Nrisimha has a special place in our lives and our hearts, He is the only other avatar we worship daily after Lord Chaitanya and Krishna Himself. He is also special in another way – He is truly aja, the unborn one.

Krishna was born of Nanda Maharaj and Mother Yashoda, Lord Chaitanya took birth in the family of Jagannatha Mishra and Saci Devi, Lord Ramachandra was the son of Dasharatha and Kaushalya. Lord Nrisimha came out of a pillar.

All other avatars planned their descent and their companions appeared before hand to lay the ground. Lord Nrisimha was different – He didn’t appear on any schedule and demigods, Lord’s usual associates, were scared to even look at Him, let alone participate in His pastime.

This is an example of how the Lord dedicates Himself to the protection of His devotee, forsaking all the conventions and niceties.

Actually, come to think about it, He appeared more for the sake of us, the future generations, than for the sake of Prahlada Maharaj who had Lord’s darshan in his heart all along. He also appeared for the edification of Hiranyakashipu who had completely lost his mind in his denial of Lord’s existence. Which is also a lesson directed at us.

Unlike some mundane magician, the Lord wasn’t lurking in the hidden compartment waiting for His entrance, He is omnipresent, He was surrounding Hiranyakashipu’s heart from all sides, He saw Hiranyakashipu’s allegedly invincible body from inside out. He could have strangled the demon by simply squeezing his heart, or his brain, whatever would have been more impressive, but the Lord was waiting for the cue from His devotee. When Prahlada Maharaj said that Vishnu was in the pillar, that’s where the Lord made His entrance. It could have been anything else, including demon’s nose, but, perhaps, Prahlada Maharaj was not in the mood for amusing jokes and thought that breaking out of the column would be more impressive.

And what a grandiose form it was! Huge, powerful, unimaginable, deadly, full of rage, and glorious in every respect. Those still on the illusory platform couldn’t even look at it, He was personification of violent death, personification of the summary of all our fears. Sometimes we get puffed up with our power and we look for worthy opponents to demonstrate our strength. Lord Nrisimha put a violent end to all this childishness. No one can fight the Lord Nrisimha, even the most powerful warriors wet their pants and beg for surrender.

This is the glory of our Lord, He attracts even His enemies. Gopies are attracted by His beauty, we are attracted by His mercy, and demons are attracted by His all – conquering power.

Sometimes we can complain that Lord Nrisimha protects only Prahlad, that He will not make a similar entrance if we get in trouble, but that is a very superficial approach. Prahlada Maharaj felt Lord’s protection long before the appearance of Lord Nrisimha, and so should we. Also it’s immature to think of Lord Nrisimha as being restricted to His temporary form manifested millions of years ago. Lord Nrisimha is always in our hearts, watching our every move, listening to our every heartbeat, monitoring our blood pressure for all signs of worry.

He is never away, and we are never left unprotected. There’s not a second spent in separation from Him. We don’t remember Him, being bewildered by the illusion but He never forgets us.

That is basically all I can say in glorification of Lord Nrisimha today.

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