Vanity thought #503. New year’s message

Well, since everybody wishes everyone New Year’s blessings, I don’t think we can’t use this practice in our service to devotees, too.

There’s one caveat, though – we shouldn’t assume that we are qualified to offer blessings in the first place. I guess we can wish other devotees smooth progress on their way back home, back to Krishna, but what is the strength of my wishes? My personal seva is absolutely minimal and, considering my mindset, is practically non-existent.

In fact, even seeking blessings should be done with caution. We can ask for this and for that but the truth is we hardly appreciate what is already given, how can we ask for more blessings we will not be able to digests? Our appetites can be enormous, our actual positions are usually much more humble.

Nevertheless, if I have a shred of independence and if Krishna is willing to back up my desires to any degree, what is the better way to use it than to pray for His mercy towards His genuine devotees who give Him genuine pleasure?

They are the ones who provide us with knowledge and inspiration and they are the ones who carry the mission of Lord Chaitanya on their shoulders, their progress and strength is our only chance of getting saved by their mercy.

If we look into our hearts we will see that they are too polluted to be engaged in Krishna’s service, therefore we should try and help those who are pure and pleasing to Him.

That is our damnation in this world – we are absolutely worthless, our only value comes from service to Krishna’s devotees so I hope we all will make some progress towards that goal in the coming year.

On a personal note – I do have a wish – that at the stroke of midnight Krishna, Lord Chaitanya – whoever – appeared in my dream. More likely, though, it will be my guru kicking me and screaming in my ear: “Why you are not distributing books, you lazy, ungrateful bastard!”

Why indeed? I can never give a satisfactory answer to this question.

Maybe next year…

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