Vanity thought #361. Real appearance day

While Krishna’s birthday was yesterday it wasn’t a real appearance day – according to my weird idea. The real appearance day is today.

Consider this – on Janmashtami Krishna appeared as Vishnu with four arms and all the paraphernalia, that’s how Vasudeva and Devaki saw Him first and they offered their prayers to Him as the Supreme Lord. They addressed Him as Vishnu and Madhusudana, which is actually Lord Vishnu’s pastime, not Krishna’s.

Then Krishna changed to the form of a newly born baby and Vasudeva took Him across the river to Vrindavan where Mother Yashoda was also having birth but was too tired to check whether she had a boy or a girl.

The first time anyone saw Krishna in Vrindavan was this morning – that’s when He really appeared as Krishna to His devotees and no one thought of Him as God, they just loved the baby Krishna as it was, Vrindavan style.

Today is also the anniversary of that first celebration of a new born Krishna in Vrindavan.

So, technically, He was born last night, but that was in the form of Vishnu and also in Mathura. Krishna as He is known in Vrindavan appeared today.

Hmm, not so weird after all.

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