Vanity thought #614. NSFL

This world is not a place for a gentleman, as we all know, yet it’s amazing how fast we forget its brutal reality. Scientifically speaking, our human form of life is very very fragile and cannot be sustained on any other known planet. A few kilometers farther or closer to the Sun and it can’t be sustained even here.

Of course the counterargument is that our form of life follows the conditions on Earth, not the other way around, and that different forms of life exist on the Moon, and even Sun is heavily populated, but I doubt scientists would take it seriously. This is not my point today, however.

My point is the illusion of safety and stability. I’ve heard a devotee arguing that the progress of the modern civilization starting from Renaissance is the Golden Age predicted in the shastras. I have no idea how he reconciles this view with everything Srila Prabhupada had to say about modern life but it shows that even devotees are easily fooled by maya’s extravaganza.

Death, however, is waiting for its turn and could strike at any time, no negotiations. This world is not safe for life, it forces us to believe in eternity of our temporary bodies, singing sweet lullabies in our ears while Death is sharpening her scythe.

Go have a look at nsfl subreddit, it’s all there in all its gore. It would be educational and prolonged exposure would probably desensitize anyone, which is probably not a bad thing – having a realistic, detached view of life and death.

New stuff is added every day, if you are reading this now you can still find a Chinese policeman who had his body cut in half in a traffic accident, there was nothing left below the navel and he was lying there, feeling his guts and wondering where his legs have gone. He waived his hands and tried to raise his head for a closer look, curious to this new development. I don’t know how long it lasted, the video was about five minutes and he was still alive.

You can also see another road accident victim, his ribcage was split open and his internal organs scattered over the road. His heart was lying a couple of meters way, completely disconnected from the body, and it was still beating, there was still life in it. It’s hard to imagine what was happening with his consciousness and his subtle body but there it was – living, beating heart in the middle of the road.

This world is not safe for life, I’m telling you. Stuff like this can happen to anybody at any second.

Accidents are not our only threat, you can catch a video of some Africans burning old people alive, beating them senseless so that they cannot escape and then setting them on fire in a ditch. When they tried to crawl out they were beaten again and thrown back.

And you can’t say they are uncivilized, they were filming this on their phones and uploaded it on youtube, and there was a great cloud of onlookers who didn’t see anything wrong with burning people alive. Allegedly they were witches but next time they might come for Hare Krishnas, too, no one is safe from raging mobs.

Olivia Munn has a nice video for PETA about fur and if you dig around you can still find the raw footage of Chinese fur “production” – how they strip the skin from animals while they are still alive and how these poor animals look you in the eye. When their carcasses are thrown away they can’t walk but many of them still move, still try to sustain life despite being in a horrible, horrible condition, despite their excruciating pain.

This world is not safe for life, never forget that.

Our only reality is the Holy Name, everything else is an illusion – life, death, pleasure, pain, everything.