Vanity thought #1650. Dark side of Flat Earth

As I said yesterday, it’s one thing to argue for Flat Earth on the basis of śāstra, it’s quite another to argue on the basis of our sensory perception and so compete with science on science terms, but there are even worse things than that.

Sensory perception is imperfect, we all know that, but some of us don’t realize just how imperfect it is. Mayesvara Prabhu’s article give some clues in his first installment of “Flat Earth” articles:

“Both Srimad Bhagavatam and Mahabharata assert that the Pandavas were entering into this area and indeed governing all of his vast area of Jambudvipa from their capital in India. Access to Jambudwipa was possible at that point, but about 5,000 years ago we entered into the Kali-yuga period (the age of fighting and hypocrisy) and our particular place in Bharata-varsha became isolated from the mainland of Jambudvipa. It is mentioned in various Puranas that the yugas (four repeating cycles of time that bring about variations in people’s mind, behaviour, and environment) only affect Bharata-varsha and not the other varshas of Jambudvipa were pious people live happily enjoying the results of their previous karma. For that reason we are put into a kind of quarantine. As the Kali-yuga progressed, the Vedic empire was broken up, people in different parts of the world became isolated, and the whole atmosphere degraded. Consequently the Vedic knowledge was withdrawn, including knowledge of our relation to the other parts of our world as well as the greater knowledge of the world’s relation to Jambudwipa. Jambudwipa became the stuff of mere myth and legend: the Greek Olympus; The Nordic Asgard; the Buddhist Shambhalla.”

This is an interesting explanation but I don’t know what the source of it is. He then expands on it and quotes Śrīla Prabhupāda saying that one CAN go further west without completing the circle and coming back where he started from but materialistic people of Kali yuga are restricted like tied animals with blindshores walking in a circle around a pole. If we are indeed in quarantine and are stealthily redirected onto a looping track that would explain why we can’t see the world as it’s described in the Bhāgavatam.

Between the above quote and Prabhupāda’s conversation there’s a section arguing that Jambūdvīpa is in not in some other dimension but is a part of our world and we can’t see because we’ve been fooled by NASA. This seems contradictory – we’ve just been told that it’s Kali yuga that restricts our vision but then suddenly it’s NASA who deceives us. Does it mean that if there was no NASA we would eventually find the celestial source of Ganges as it falls off the Mount Meru? Gangotri, the source of Ganges as it comes from under a glacier, is a place of pilgrimage visited by thousands of people every year. I was there once, too – there was no one from NASA there, no mirrors, no greenscreens, just a river gushing out. Does it mean that if we followed it up the stream under the glacier we would come to the actual landing as it falls from heaven and that’s where NASA would lay in wait trying to fool us that it isn’t so?

This whole NASA conspiracy is complete bonkers. There are links in that article to absolute hogwash about satellites, for example. That article starts with challenging NASA’s credibility and argues that once its credibility is destroyed on some issues we can’t trust it on any others and therefore the entire space program is a giant hoax. There are no GPS satellites, they argue, the “GPS” is faked by triangulating your phone’s position using simple cell towers. Other satellites, like the ones transmitting TV programs, do not exist as well and signals received by household dishes come from modified airplanes instead. There’s a long list of satellite substitutes given there.

How credible are these people? All these sites look like they were designed in the 90s and never visually updated since, never mind the absolute rubbish that passes as their content. Do they offer entertaining explanations of NASA fakes? Yes, but I haven’t seen anything really convincing yet.

There’s however, this particular image on NASA’s own site – A Scientist on the Moon. If you save it to your computer, open it with your favorite image processing program, zoom on the Earth, and then adjust “Levels” you can clearly see signs of editing there, which in everyday speak means that NASA’s picture has been photoshopped. It’s supposed to be embarrassing for NASA but I, for example, can see the legitimate need to make the Earth look brighter and clearer. It doesn’t mean that the Earth wasn’t in the original photo itself.

I still think the Moon landings were faked, btw, it’s just this particular argument is not very convincing, and there’s a big difference between faking Moon landings forty five years ago and faking entire space programs but a dozen of countries now. Any private company can order a satellite in space, btw, it’s not something really secret and customers have a lot of control over the design and the means of delivery into orbit. To say that for every such satellite there’s a secret government program to substitute it with high-altitude planes takes a special kind of stupid.

We can agree on the conclusion – the Earth is flat, we can agree on the illusion of space travel, but what we, as devotees, should say is that no one, not even NASA is free from this illusion and they really put satellites into space or send space probes to what they honestly think is Mars or Saturn or whatever.

This is, perhaps, my main point today – no one in this world can overcome the illusion imposed on us by the Kali yuga, no one can fake space travel or conceal the real flat shape of the Earth. This is how it appears to us when we try to assess it with our own senses and their extensions in the form of telescopes and other instruments.

If we are indeed quarantined from accessing other parts of Jambūdvīpa it happens on a subtle level imperceptible to us, our minds, and our senses. We can’t see it with our eyes and we can’t process it with our intelligence. It’s as if we are traveling along railway tracks that make a full circle so no matter how fast or how slow we go we always end in the same place we started from.

Maybe railroad is not an easy analogy because we normally see how railways can turn left or right but I mean from the perspective of a train carriage – it can’t go left and right, it can see only rails running forwards and backwards, the world outside the tracks doesn’t exist. We can see junctions and we can see how trains are redirected to different lines but train carriages are blissfully oblivious to this, they just run and run and run forward.

And so are we – if we rely on our eyes and mind. We are always quietly and imperceptibly redirected to follow the track that never enters other parts of Jambūdvīpa.

I would also add that this feature is not restricted to Kali yuga only – even in the previous ages yogīs and mystics were able to see things invisible to ordinary people. That’s why they are called yoga siddhis in the first place – because they are special powers. Ordinary people can’t stretch their hands and pick objects from the Moon but yogīs can. Their perception is not as restricted as ours. Likewise, not everyone was able to see demigods when they happened to visit the Earth, and only very few people can supposedly see ghosts or auras. There’s no conspiracy behind that, it’s just how it is.


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