Vanity thought #1643. Making world into a better place

So something happens in the material world, someone gets agitated and demands justice. Who do we blame? Who do we punish?

In the western civilization there are laws. Some of these laws require the aggrieved party to lodge a complaint but some trigger an immediate response so it’s out of everybody’s hands. Murder, for example, does not require the victim to go to the police station and file a report. Less grave offenses allow feuding parties to come to an agreement first, but not because the law does not care, it’s only because the justice system is overloaded as it is.

They can’t have take every law infringement to trial and even when cases are filed they push both sides to accept a settlement first. Depending on the severity, up to 95% of all lawsuits result in settlements, meaning the law is not going to be applied as it is but the plaintiff and the defendant decide between themselves what is the proper resolution and if any punishment should be there.

This means that while western societies put a big value on the “rule of law” what they do in practice is try to avoid applying it as much as possible. They’d rather see people sorting out their problems themselves and not bothering the “law” at all. The trials then serve as guidelines for the people negotiating their own settlements, so what they mean by the “rule of law” is public perception of what the law is, not the actual rule.

Consequently, no one likes Social Justice Warriors stirring the trouble and demanding actions. Well, not no one, of course, but what SJWs do is unsettle the cart, break the balance, and stress everyone out. Typically they encourage defendants to demand more than usual and sometimes they demand amending of the laws to bring them up to the standard of their current enlightenment.

In their defense SJWs would cite racism and other similar issues that we now take for granted but which required a lot of social justice agitation and great sacrifices. Change does not come by itself, they say, everybody has to work for it.

This assumes that the world is bad and SJWs are making it better. The natural state of the world, they believe, is inherently unjust and lawless and it’s through SJWs agency that we make the world into a better place. Every aggrieved party seeking justice would certainly agree and when everyone else sympathizes with their plight we get the conditions ripe for a change.

In Kali yuga, however, everything only gets worse so we have ourselves a contradiction. SJWs would say that it’s the Kali yuga that makes “natural” world unjust and unfair and they are the ones trying to overcome the influence of Kali. If not for them the world would degrade very rapidly and they are the ones holding it together.

It’s a good argument but SJWs are not the only ones making “improvements”. Corporations, perhaps, change the world at a much faster pace than SJWs can even imagine. SJW is a hobby, after all, but the world is run by professionals who are busy affecting changes at least eight hours a day and who are also much more skillful than SJWs at what they do.

For example, SJW might campaign against unfair trade agreements but these agreements are already there and they have been negotiated by hundreds of countries over the course of decades, they have been put into law and occasionally enforced. Standing outside G7 meeting in Davos and waving a piece of paper is an incomparably small amount of work. Might be very visible but still incomparably small.

The fact is, very few people see themselves as bad guys, they all – governments, politicians, corporations, banks etc see themselves as benefiting the world through their work. Quite often they’d say that SJW simply do not see the whole picture and therefore raise inconsequential points, sometimes maybe very good ones but still mere side effects of an undeniably good medicine.

If you listen to both sides then it becomes harder to decide who are the actual agents of change for the better. There are good arguments for both and there are downsides to every proposal, too. People can justify even clearly bad qualities, like greed, thanks to the “greed is good” principle of western economics. If it’s the greed that pushes banks to offer credit and other banking services to billions of new customers then this greed clearly makes the world into a better place. And if it’s revenge that drives SJWs to stop greedy bankers from enslaving hapless villagers in the unending circle of debt then revenge is good, too.

Ultimately, however, everyone acts on the basis of the false ego, assuming ownership over actions carried out by the material nature under the influence of time and guṇas. Over the past few days I hope I showed how we are not independent in our choices but that it’s imperative for us to act this or that way depending on history and conditions of our birth. We wouldn’t differentiate people into “white” or “Indians” if they didn’t act according to stereotypes. The leeway for free choice in their actions is also determined by material conditions – how receptive Indians are to pre-marital sex, for example. Those who have been exposed to the western civilization and liked it are more receptive, those who haven’t are less.

So all these “agents of change” simply take shelter in the movements of nature according to their taste. If it’s the feeling of vindication that they seek they become SJW, if it’s the feeling of quiet sacrifice they join the government. If it’s the thrill of making things happen they go to corporate world. No one is actually “making the world into a better place”, they only think they do because they identify themselves with some particular forces.

And since they are all acting out of ignorance of their spiritual nature and ignorance of dharma they are all agents of Kali. It’s just because Kali is going to rule for over four hundred thousand years and we are only in the beginning of his reign that things appear as moving back and forth. He is simply taking his sweet time, destroying the last 25% of religion can’t be done in five minutes anyway.

Also up until very recently dharma mattered, whether expressed through the medium of Bible or traditional wisdom. Nowadays all these old rules are vigorously questioned and if they don’t support our current understanding they are mercilessly ditched. When that happens Kali progresses faster. Since modern civilization puts satisfaction of the senses at the front and center rather than spiritual needs, of which they are not even aware, we are going to see more and more cases of current thinking going against dharma, with all the unpleasant consequences.

At the end of the day, no one is making the world better and the world isn’t getting better at all. It’s just that some good aspects of today are better than some bad aspects of last century, on average the world is still going down and Kali still rulez.

Need I remind that only the chanting of the holy name and discussing Lord’s pastimes, preferably in the company of like-minded individuals, that can protect us from degradation of Kali? There’s no other way, all this social justice activism is a delusion.

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