Vanity thought #1230. Exit rant

Last day of New Year holidays and I want to end this godless period with a rant, mostly because at this point I can’t say anything about actual Kṛṣṇa consciousness with any confidence anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully settle back into my routine and resume the usual service (it’s just a phrase, I don’t mean *service* service). This whole last week I was forced to spend time with family and friends away from home and always in public, I didn’t have any time for introspection but now it’s over, so it’s time to say goodbye to that kind of life.

God! These people are insane. Completely lost in bodily consciousness they have absolutely no idea of God. They know the word, sure, and they sort want to make right by Him, but on bodily platform it’s simply impossible. And then there are atheists, many of them hidden ones, never clearly stating their motives and long term goals.

One argument I observed this week was about morals. Not the usual “can atheists have morality” but a far more sinister one where teaching religious morality was labeled as indoctrination and no one seemed to mind anymore. It’s become a given that religions indoctrinate people while “real” education teaches them to think for themselves and make informed decisions, including about moral values.

Well, when they teach you how to think they already ARE indoctrinating you and they already ARE conditioning you to come up with totally predictable answers. No one has come through this type of education and discovered belief in God. No one has come through this type of education and realized that monarchy is a perfect system for organizing a society. Yet these are two examples of very reasonable conclusions one can come to if he was thought to think in a different way.

Many of our devotees can explain everything through the prism of Kṛṣṇa consciousness and turn every topic towards Kṛṣṇa. This kind of thinking is not taught in modern schools, no one there has tried it before, yet they declare with supreme confidence that their approach is superior. They’ve been indoctrinated just like everyone else, just into a different thing.

The word itself carries negative connotations and is probably as loaded as a word “terrorist”, except with terrorists we are at least aware that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” adage. If you look around, however, “indoctrination” is everywhere – all religious people have gone through this, of course, as well as all Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, Cubans, Venezuelans, liberals, libertarians, socialists, communists, free market capitalists, Keynesians, Americans, Republicans, Democrats, tea-baggers, blacks, Latinos, whites, the list can probably go much longer. Basically, everyone who disagrees with you has been indoctrinated and brainwashed. Which is true – we all are, all have been, all will always be.

As devotees we choose to be indoctrinated by Kṛṣṇa and we say this by looking at all other choices. They suck.

Also this week I was offered to try something called “The Art of Living”, which is pseudo-Hindu concoction by one of the modern day “saints”. I thought about it a little and couldn’t find a reason why should I give it a go. Perhaps I’ve been brainwashed by Kṛṣṇa enough to look with a completely blank expression on my face at all the promises of healthy mind and stress management. I seriously doubt I have another purpose in life, or any purpose in life the way they mean it, actually. And I don’t think than breathing and healing can help me in attaining Kṛṣṇa.

I’m not bragging here, I’m just stating the fact that given all that we’ve been taught it’s impossible to give any consideration to this mumbo-jumbo. Of course we all fall for it from time to time just like we fall for driving fast cars or looking at beautiful women. Bodies respond to that kind of stimuli but it’s not what we want to do with our lives, those are distractions, yet no one else seems to realize that, only devotees.

Back to morality argument, however – I think it’s one of a side effects of a much bigger problem. Atheism, and impersonalist inventions like that Art of Living, give people an idea that they are the ones that matter, they are the ones that should have the power to control not only their lives but the lives of others, too – if they get a crowd big enough to back them up. Everything is decided by a vote now. All values are relative and transitional, without God nothing is immutable and can be easily voted off the island.

Somehow these people also developed a huge sense of entitlement, that the world owes them a good life and nothing, absolutely nothing can go wrong for them if they stick to their philosophy of making their own decisions despite warnings by their forefathers. In many cases they don’t even have warnings for the type of perversions they inflict on everyone as totally normal now, like gay marriage.

Personally, I’m more or less for the idea, considering the alternatives, but it doesn’t make it acceptable for the kind of life we, as devotees, want to live, or actually need to live. Our goal is to have no sex whatsoever, to completely free ourselves from sexual desire, completely cleanse our hearts of all traces of lust. We can’t even begin to think of approaching Kṛṣṇa if we intend to keep women’s company as our heart’s desire, but I digress.

I meant people who believe that the laws do not exist and that whatever is currently trending IS the law of the day. Torture used to be universally condemned but not anymore, judging by the reaction to pre New Year congressional report. Printing money like crazy used to be condemned but not if FED does it, and even Japanese get a pass. Creating enormous debt used be condemned but when Americans do it, it’s actually good, and no one questions Japanese debt even if it dwarfs Greece’s by comparison. Oil price drops by half in just a few months and no one suspects any kind of manipulation, it’s all normal, supply and demand, they say. Nothing bad will come out of it. Americans will export even more of it as Obama just lifted some long standing restrictions. Forget the shale revolution, no one talks about its prospects anymore. Nor do people talk about various alternative energy sources that can’t compete with cheap oil. Cheap oil is good for economy, that’s all they say.

Economy, btw, is growing, especially in the US. Somebody on zerohedge , however, suggested that the sudden bump is only due to government deferring booking medical expenses under Obamacare to the end of year quarterly results, and even suppressing these expenses so that the sudden growth would appear believable, but who can know for sure? There’s no such thing as immutable truth – everything can and even must be challenged, and, as experience shows, everything can be defeated if only in one’s own mind, and so that’s where people live most of the time – in their private bubbles of insanity.

There was a deluge of articles about the role of the social media in the past year but none of what I’ve seen warned that “media” like Facebook purposefully filter out your newsfeed so that you see only articles you are likely to “Like” and hide all other news from you. Instead of informing you, as media is supposed to do, they just feed your own delusion and help you constantly validate it.

And they say religions indoctrinate?

They all lost their minds, that’s all I can say.

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