Vanity thought #941. Rise Of The Brats

Yesterday I talked about situation with western women, how they are going to solve problems rising from feminism with administering more feminism. One of those problems was unattended children which feminists plan to transfer into the care of the state. They have tried it already and it has been a disaster.

First the disclaimer – I don’t know the whole story, I picked up only what I think fits with our view of the world and where it’s heading. I’m sure that whatever I state today here can be vigorously disputed and on some other day I would probably gladly consider the counterarguments but that day is not today and I’m in no mood to wade through defense of feminism. I’m not in the mood to condemn feminism either, this post is just to bring awareness of the situation, not to offer any solutions.

Or I could say it straight away – the only solution to these problems is harināma, everything else is non-essential and temporary at best.

So, children. The first country to ban physical punishment of children was Sweden and they made it into a law thirty five years ago. Sweden is also at the front of the feminist movement and genderless society. They have been at it for a while, longer than anybody else, they had generations of people who never knew “tradition” and so it’s a fair game for a case study in effects of modern style society building.

Last year a Swedish psychiatrist published a book that is awaiting translation into English but it already raised a stir in Swedish society with its unfavorable assessment of child education policies. Commentariat on that is reportedly split fifty fifty which also means that the book resonated with about a half of Swedish society, which isn’t a bad thing even in that feminist wasteland.

The book title is loosely translated as “How The Children Took Over” and it describes pretty much what is says in the title – how in modern Sweden children have become primary decision makers on matters such as what to have for dinner, what to watch on television, when to go to sleep etc. These rights were given to them by child centered education and parents and teachers were taught how to respect and facilitate them. This has turned kids into uncontrollable brats.

Anyone who thinks pre-school kids can make fair and balanced decisions over their diet or entertainment needs to have his head checked. Their answer to this is to redefine fair and balanced to mean whatever the kids want. It’s like we do with Kṛṣṇa – whatever He does is good, rules and customs don’t matter.

Kṛṣṇa, however is not a conditioned living entity, He is full of knowledge and He is the ultimate author of the Vedas so we accept His judgments for a good reason. There aren’t many reasons to accept judgments by human children as absolutely perfect.

The reason given is that kids will learn what is best for everybody through trial and error, so even if errors are made they will eventually lead to better choices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way, if ever. For one thing – even though kids are supposed to learn good from bad in natural environment their actual environment is anything but natural because the state puts all its might on their side and renders people they are supposed to negotiate these decisions with, the parents, into a legally helpless situation.

No wonder there’s a lot of abuse going on there. The first thing kids learn is that if there are no boundaries and no punishment they can push the limits of their imagination on what they can get away with. School teachers are probably getting the worst of it because they do not have bonds of love that grow between children and parent simply through close association and they don’t have any authority to discipline them.

Kids can make calls on their cellphones at any time during the lesson and teachers can’t stop them because studying is optional, if they don’t feel like it they can walk out. In fact, I bet teachers would prefer kids walking out instead of hanging around and annoying them until teachers snap, and once kids learn swear words it becomes unbearable. And you can forget about making them clean up after themselves.

There are statistical results to show the effects, too. While neighboring Finns keep getting best test scores in the world Swedes has witnessed a steady decline that they have no idea how to arrest. Sweden also tops the world in attempted teen suicides, or so I heard. Actual suicide rates are pretty low but this only masks the problem of dissatisfied generations that go as far as threatening their own lives to get some sort of attention from the society.

Finns, btw, top the world in successfully offing themselves though it’s probably unrelated to the problem at hand today.

Now, here’s the paradox of Swedish child centered education experiment – they let children learn rules and values all by themselves in order to prepare them for life in the real world but what they got in return is exactly the opposite – spoiled brats do not make into responsible adults and so they cannot successfully integrate into the adult society.

The reason for this is that, as I said, the “natural” environment they are creating for kids is not natural at all and once that invisible power of state is withdrawn they are left to deal with adults’ unadulterated power and they invariably lose. This fault is built in and fairly obvious but, as usual, reason and logic fail the modern man.

I bet what they would do next is to extend the “fair field” even further, forcing adults to behave by the same rules of irresponsibility as the kids. Eventually there will be enough kids to gain the critical mass and establish new societal norms. I have no idea what they would be and whether they would work at all.

Here’s another thing about material world – contrary to our hopes things are not obliged to turn for the better and so success is never guaranteed, especially if you don’t even have a plan how it would come about. This observation is also fairly obvious but, once again, human nature fails rationality and we assume that future will always be bright.

The sober assessment of our situation would be that no matter how good and reliable our predictions look now at some point our logic and planning will fail us and things will go south. It happens every time, as certain as death and taxes, yet modern men hope against hope.

We, the devotees, also hope against hope but we put our hopes in Kṛṣṇa, not in our own abilities like atheists do. Kṛṣṇa’s infallibility guarantees eventual success while betting on our imperfections guarantees eventual failure, and that’s even before death gets us.

Looking at it his way – surrendering to God is the most rational choice, ironically made by people who are often accused of irrationality. Yet we don’t mind, we understand that atheists don’t know how they harm themselves and we don’t see them as our enemies, we see them as enemies of their own good, and that’s why real devotees are friendly with everyone even when they preach.

But, for our own sake, associating with atheists should be avoided or we will lose whatever little devotion we hope to develop. We are not real devotees yet and so shouldn’t overplay our hand.

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