Vanity thought #940. Sense is overrated

Yesterday I talked about how rationality and logic have no place in searching for Kṛṣṇa. Mostly it’s because Kṛṣṇa is beyond the laws of nature from which logic and reason originate. He is also beyond time which is essential for application of logic – the word “then” would make no sense if there was no time and no sequencing. My conclusion was that while on the material platform we should certainly follow rules and regulations, which are logical, of course, but we shouldn’t expect our practice here have any effect of Kṛṣṇa’s decisions regarding granting us the boon of devotion.

If logic doesn’t work on Kṛṣṇa it should still work here, right? Not true.

It is true in a sense that logic, reason, cause-effect and time based laws of nature still work. It’s not true that it would work for us.

Nature’s laws are unbreakable because it’s Kṛṣṇa’s energy but we are full of faults and can never hope to implement them in our lives with the same certainty and precision.

Modern society prides itself on being based on science and rationality and has no qualms of claiming to be better than religious societies which are based on superstitions and ignorance. Science knows that the Earth is a spherical object hurling through space while religion taught everyone that the Earth is flat and that it’s resting on elephants who stand on the back of tortoises. What do tortoises stand on? No clue, those ignorant Christians never asked themselves, or so says science. When scientists, Christian scientists, mind you, discovered that the Earth is not the center of the universe they were persecuted and even burned at stake. Such celebration of ignorance, modern science says.

This sounds convincing but we cannot extrapolate those limited triumphs to assume that logic and reason will hold true for scientific method in all other cases and all other circumstances. It is possible only in theory but in reality our conditioned nature will always spoil everything in the end, we just have to be patient enough and wait for science to trip over itself.

The wait won’t be long. The best of the best, like nerds working on Hadron Collider, will take longer to make fools out of themselves but the general crowd we meet in every day life does not stand a chance, they are hopeless. Sometimes it feels like reason and logic are alien concepts to them. Sometimes they willingly discard it if it makes them feel better about any particular topic.

Take recent turmoil in Ukraine, for example. The whole western world has ganged up on Putin and want to protect Ukraine’s democratic aspirations from Russian imperial ambitions. Emotions run high and to sustain that high people will do anything – lie, ignore, avoid, deny any information that doesn’t fit with their preferred agenda.

I personally seen one otherwise reasonable man tweeting fake pictures about the subject. When pointed out he simply shrugged it off and reposted the same picture the next day simply because it made him feel good. “You don’t understand our aspirations”, he said. Actually we do – they are so strong that they make you blind and you would rather be wrong than abandon the comfort of your dreams.

People win Nobel prizes for theories that show how to exploit our innate irrationality. We may claim to be reasonable people but in reality we are anything but, we follow our minds and senses and discard advise from our intelligence more often than we dare to admit.

The other day I was reading an article by former director of UN Population Division about inequality in education. Women get more of it then men, he said.

The way the article was presented I see no reason to doubt this man’s deep knowledge of the subject and relevant statistics. He skillfully summarizes and distills numbers to present a clear picture of social dynamics of the modern world. It was an enjoyable read in that sense but then he went on and spoiled everything.

The trend he was talking about is a familiar one – “liberated” women in developed countries pursue careers and are catching up with men even though gaps and ceilings still remain. In education, however, women have overtaken men and now they outnumber them at universities. In the 70-ies there were 160 men for 100 women in colleges, at the turn of the century it was parity, and now, only a decade later, there are 93 men for 100 of women.

There are differences in what men and women study and feminists, like this guy, want to address this imbalance but that is not what is interesting. What is interesting is that he says well educated women have trouble finding suitable partners. In Australia one in four college educated women will not be able to find an equally educated man of the same age.

One could say that college education does not make one smart, it’s just a degree, but the truth is that attaining this degree requires certain amount of dedication, intelligence, and hard work that lesser educated people cannot usually muster.

This means that women have to marry below their own social level and that is never good for marriage. Many of them won’t marry at all, which is a problem in itself in many developed countries. It’s a problem because children growing up with single parents don’t do as well as those coming from solid families.

Childbearing is another challenge to the modern women – it takes time and distracts them from their careers which only reenforces inequality feminists strive to eradicate.

So here they are, presumably rational and very knowledgeable people, caught in a dilemma – they try to pursue path that creates unresolvable problems yet their solution is to keep doing the same thing and keep piling those problems up – more freedom for women, more education, more opportunities, less time spent on raising children and so on. The real clincher, however, is this – if trying to break through barriers of gender inequality is so difficult then we should do away with genders altogether and raise boys and girls equally right from the start, with equal preferences between arts and engineering so that gender differentiation ceases to exist.

There’s a tiny little problem with child bearing, though. Only women can do that, but our rational and logical feminists have answer for this, too – child bearing should be reduced to a minimum, women should work all through pregnancy, take a very short leave, and come back ASAP without missing anything in company’s business.

What will happen to these children raised by the state instead of their mothers? Will they have enough of them to sustain the population? No idea, never bothered to ask themselves like those Christians with their tortoises.

There’s one more thing they totally missed – in their fight for equality they make all women to be like men. That’s what it means, right – women must be equal to men? In their ultimate society there won’t be any women at all, only workers, which is a traditional male role. There won’t be any mothers, there won’t be any wives, there won’t be any femininity.

And yet they call themselves feminists.

Nope, if we try to succeed in this world on the strength of reason and logic we will fail. It won’t get us anywhere in the long term, only for the duration of the initial spark of brightness that will soon be replaced by darkness of our innate imperfection and ignorance.

Maybe that’s why intelligence is said to be created out of mode of passion – it drives us to be rational and logical just for the sake of the rush but in the end leads to our destruction.

To sum it up – this world is hopeless.

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