Vanity thought #806. The Empire Strikes Back

In the Star Wars mythology the Empire is an evil force and we are expected to cheer for the rebellion. In real life rebellions are mostly demoniac, people trying to replace God’s established order with their own laws. Now, however, we are watching rebellions against previous rebellions who earlier rebelled against the original rebels who, in turn, just wanted the old order back. We can’t pick sides with these people.

The Empire itself got corrupted, no doubt about it, this is Kali Yuga, but empire is still the ideal social organization, we just can’t get it up and running like during Lord Ramachandra’s era anymore.

Anyway, the old empire, the long lost Vedic way of doing things, is not completely dead yet and every now and then we see glimpses of the glorious past. I’m talking about two discoveries I wrote about in the past couple of days – desexualized society and living on the streets as a viable alternative to running in the rat race.

It is far from perfect, of course, abstaining from sex hasn’t made Japanese any more pious and every homeless person dreams about finding a home, which was not the case with Vedic ascetics, but one way or another these old fashioned ideas found their audience, just not among devotees yet.

Similarly, there’s a widespread backlash against feminism, which was a truly scary rebellion in itself, and we are all over this one. The tide is turning, female diksha gurus are out, bashing career minded females is in. Some of us just can’t hold back and want to go nazi on entire female population. They all should be married, husbands will be assigned to them according to astrological charts, they will undergo re-education in home making skills, and we’ll all live happily ever after.

This, of course, won’t work. It would take generations to undo the damage inflicted by feminism and re-educating people is a very bad idea. We’ll have to make do with whatever women join our movement and we have to accommodate their feminist needs even if they totally agree with the overall goal of establishing proper institute of marriage and families.

We can’t force them to be anyone but themselves. Let them fail at feminism, if that’s their nature, than train them to become perfect wives, which won’t purify their inner desires.

This probably deserves its own post.

Today I present you another long forgotten Vedic skill – archery.

This guy, Lars Anderson, has figured out a way to shoot arrows really fast, faster than another mythological character Legolas from The Lord Of The Rings. Of course, it’s still nowhere fast as Arjuna or Lorl Ramachandra but it’s impressive nevertheless.

His trick is to hold several arrows in his left hand at once rather than pull them from the quiver one by one, like Legolas did. We don’t know how Arjuna managed it but it was probably something similar. In fact, I have no idea how they could carry quivers with thousands and thousands of arrows in them but if they had a manageable number and could hold a dozen or two on the ready in their left hand, then Lars Anderson is an example how Vedic feats of archery could have been possible.

There’s no magic in it, just an idea and a lot of training, which can’t be said about Arjuna and others who also used mantras to direct their arrows, but for an average archer of those times Lars might be a legitimate contender.

He learned to shoot while moving around, too. He can shoot while jumping, while running backwards, while falling of a horse, and he’s pretty sharp with his shooting. This reminds me of Delta force training I read about once.

It was said that major skill they master there is sharp shooting. They also do a lot of running and all kinds of endurance exercises, hand to hand combat and so on, but the real emphasis is on sharp shooting. First of all they borrowed British SAS principle that they should always have their weapon at the ready and therefore their rifles do not have shoulder straps, they can’t swing them over their shoulders even when they are running. Then they practice shooting at things six-eight hours a day, increasing distances and accuracy. Then they learn to shoot at moving targets and work on achieving same precision, then they learn to shoot at moving targets while running themselves.

In the end, while running, they are expected to hit another running man in the head with 100% accuracy. Nothing to do with Krishna consciousness but it’s a cool skill nonetheless.

Well, Lars went the same way, except his arrows are not as deadly as bullets and he isn’t as accurate yet. With more power, bigger bow, and sharper arrows he’d probably be as deadly in no time.

Another interesting part of his skill is that he doesn’t take aim, not in the conventional arrow shooting sense. He doesn’t need to line his eyesight with neither the arrow nor his hands, pretty much like we throw stones or baseballs, we rely on fine motor skills and training, there’s nothing to align a ball in your outstretched hand with anyway, there’s just muscle memory and that’s it.

Basically, it’s like shooting form the hip – not so easy at first but all cowboys in the movies can do it and they are pretty fast and accurate, too.

Enough talking – here’s the video of Lars attempts at reviving ancient archery skills. Apparently he hasn’t got to Vedic books on the subject yet but this will do for now.

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