Vanity thought #723. Mahanidhi storm rages on.

Mahaniddhi means “great ocean”, according to my imaginary knowledge of Sanskrit, so things are as usual – we are being tossed by the giant waves of maya. Nothing here to see, move on.

Mahanidhi Swami’s storm, however, has been the hottest issue of the week. Everybody has an opinion on it and there are accounts dug up about events that allegedly happened in the long past. Personally, I still insist on my opinion from two days ago and so far there’s no new information that should change it.

The barrage of “editorials” on Sun reminds me of the long wait for the appearance of a royal baby a month ago when an army of reporters pointed their cameras at a blue door for hours with nothing going on. One honest reporter’s quote made rounds of the Internet and it can be easily adapted to Mahanidhi Swami’s case watch:

“Plenty more to come from here of course. None of it news…because that’ll come from GBC. But that won’t stop us!”

Without any facts people are free to spin the story in any way they want. Some see it as a confirmation that our sannyasis are bogus, which practically means that “no sex” rule cannot be followed and should be abandoned. Some see it as a testament that ISKCON follows a bogus guru system. Some see it as an exposure of the “rasika” deviation, some see it as a straight up sahajiism.

Whatever the spin, everybody wants to convince others that if they didn’t believe their cause, it’s time to accept the truth now. I myself also want this case to become a final nail in “rasika” movement and as another warning to the danger of associating with babajis.

There’s something wrong with these expectations, though. To me they all, including my own, display lack of faith and conviction. It’s as if there was no Mahanidhi Swami’s falldown we’d still have some spare space in the back of our minds where the opposite could have been true – rasika movement was kosher, babajis were the best sanga around, and for our detractors ISKCON guru system could be legitimate.

It’s as if we all need empirical proof to support injunctions of our acharyas and without this proof they could be wrong. I’m not sure that this “buyers beware” approach to surrender could ever be justified.

We certainly should be careful when accepting instructions, we should make sure that they are in line with our teachings, but this needs proof against guru and shastra, not against something happening in this world – falldowns, sainthood etc. There’s a time to test our sources and then comes the time to trust them explicitly.

Spiritual progress is possible only for those with full faith in their guru, not for those who found proof of their guru’s words.

So, today’s message is – no matter how this Mahanidhi Swami’s affair turns out, rasa katha should be off limits for non-liberated souls, babajis should be respected from a distance, sannyasa works even in Kali yuga if it’s done for the sake of the preaching mission, and those who think that ISKCON gurus are spiritually impotent are simply delusional.

That is not going to change even if we are presented with evidence proving otherwise. Empirical observations do not override authority of our acharyas and they should have no effect on our faith, too. Only when we accept this we can beg for Krishna’s mercy in all honesty, it’s this duplicity that usually holds us back.

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