Vanity thought #645. Bhakti lata bija

For the past week or so I’ve been trying to find solutions to problems like how to deal with death, love, life and what not. The fact is, however, that on their own all these solutions are useless. The only real solution is cultivating our attachment to the Lord, nothing else.

What should be our position towards death? What attitude should we take towards fear? Or, as another devotee pondered the other day, what should be our attitude towards wealth and opulence?

There’s a simple answer to these questions – none.

A conditioned soul observing the world around it will always have only two reactions – attachment and renunciation, or like and dislike. When you look at wealth you can either be attracted to it or hate it, but neither of these two attitudes or any combination of thereof is going to help you. The problem lies in you looking at wealth – that’s an act of a deluded soul thinking he is in control of the world, that he is the seer and judge of things.

From that position it doesn’t matter what I say about dealing with death or what you think would be a better solution.

The only real solution is to develop attachment to Krishna, only then we can start seeing the world as means of His enjoyment, and at that point all our current solutions will become irrelevant.

Devotion doesn’t come from thinking and comparing things or from looking at their true nature, it comes only from the mercy of guru and Krishna – guru-kṛṣṇa-prasāde pāya bhakti-latā-bīja. This act of mercy can’t be replaced by anything else, much less by our own efforts. It’s causeless, we can never deserve it.

The creeper of devotion grows only through watering it by chanting of the Holy Name, by discussing Lord’s glories in the company of other devotees, there’s no other way. When we are lucky to be engaged in this type of sankirtana we have no time nor any interest in developing correct attitudes towards life, death, love, or money.

That’s how it works.

One could say that besides watering the creeper of our devotion we must also pull the weeds, ie deal with our anarthas, and from that angle dealing with improper attitudes is necessary. Fair enough, but let’s not forget the main principle here – nurturing the creeper of devotion.

If we fail to beg for mercy of guru, Krishna, and other devotees, than all our weed-pulling is like a child playing with dolls. Little girls feed their dolls cookies and tea, put nice dresses on them and teach them good manners but it is not the same as raising an actual kid.

Some women fake their pregnancy because they want a baby so much but this is just a delusion. We should not fall into a similar trap – we must care about the actual bhakti lata bija, not about all the nice ceremonies around it.

In a way it’s like comparing the value of mother and father. Father gives the seed and mother provides the womb and nurtures the child, both parties are necessary, but father takes precedence. Without a seed one can only play pretend mom, and it’s kind of sad if we make a similar show of devotion without actually having it.

Our role is like that of the mothers – we take the seed from guru and Krishna and we help it grow. If we ignore the seed but try to look like perfect mothers we are just pathetic and it fills our hearts with duplicity.

So, my point today is that we shouldn’t waste too much time on trying to figure out artificial solutions to illusory problems. Our only business should be giving our hearts in full to glorification of the Lord, once we have done that, all the problems will disappear from our view, and we will loose interest in hearing anything about all the solutions I proposed in the past few days.

Let’s put first thing first – Krishna and the service to our guru, everything else is just a distraction.

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