Vanity thought #637. Golden age – who needs it?

Returning back to the subject I covered last October – do we really need this Golden Age? Just a couple of days ago I saw a devotee talking about signs of the coming Golden Age and I thought to myself – why are we so enthusiastic about it in the first place?

We have no idea what it will be like. Our lore tells us about Satya yuga like conditions and the spread of sankirtana but scriptural support for our speculations is surprisingly thin. We only have unauthorized and poorly translated Brahma Vaivarta Purana to go on and nothing in the works of our acharyas.

Even so – who among us would want to live in Satya yuga? There were no cities there, no internet, no creature comforts, no pleasures of any kind. People just sat down and meditated all the time, their minds were peaceful and free from all hankering.

We, on the other hand, are always trying to improve our material conditions, we want to be better managers, we want to be healthier so we dabble in hatha yoga, we watch our diets and we take supplementary pills. We can’t live without our phones or without Facebook. We won’t sit still in Satya youga conditions even for a minute.

I’m sure if Satya yuga like Golden Age started tomorrow we’d run away like cockroaches. It’s not for us.

Another feature of the Golden Age is sankirtana. That sounds totally kosher but it doesn’t mean any change to our material conditions. It might actually hurt like hell, we might always be sick and poor, but we would always chant the Holy Names. Actually, suffering is our best motivation so the whole world might plunge in an unprecedented wave of pain and that would finally turn people to the Holy Name.

Not exactly as we expect, is it? We want “gold” in Golden, don’t we? But that is no guarantee at all, and gold is the refuge of Kali himself so our hopes might be all in vain.

I suspect our real motivation is the same PVME – we got a little taste of goodness, we find it fairly pleasant, and we want to hold on to it. We tell ourselves that we can reach transcendental platform only through the mode of goodness, so in mode of goodness we must reside. Do we admit to ourselves that we have become attached to it? No. Are we ready to let it go for the sake of service? No, not anymore.

Preaching is hard, and it’s hardly ever happens in sattvic conditions, rather the opposite. We have to get our hands dirty, associate with repulsive people and go to abominable places, it destroys our goodness, no doubt about it. Our attachment to sattva guna is what stops us from going out and reaching to ordinary, tamasic people. And we hope this attitude will take us to the transcendental platform?

We are only fooling ourselves.

Now some of us are talking about taking over the government with the goal of teaching people how to lead pious and prosperous lives and re-establish the Vedic culture.

What is so good about that Vedic culture anyway? Lord Chaitanya appeared right in the middle of it and told us to forget about it and take to the chanting only.

Why are we so fixated on reaching happiness and prosperity the Vedic way rather than taking Lord Chaitanya’s advice to our hearts?

I think that is duplicity leaking out from our hearts. We still want to enjoy the material world, we are not ready to give up our material attachments and aspirations, and we are searching for compromise, we want the cake and we want to eat it, too.

Very disappointing.

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