Vanity thought #587. The last on Pope

It’s been two weeks since Catholics got themselves a new Pope. He looks okay to me, and that’s what I want to say a few words about – the old Pope looked disturbingly evil.

Even though I appreciate his stance on their theological doctrine and his resistance to liberalism I never got around to liking his face. This is a strictly materialistic judgement, strictly according to my pre-conceived notions of what good and evil people should look like.

If we give external looks any more value than that someone might say that Srila Prabhupada doesn’t look too good either. We can protest about that and say that physical appearance does not show internal spiritual level, or that a person has a weird taste and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to judge people, but it will be too late. I can either denigrate the ex-Pope for his looks and invite the same treatment on Srila Prabhupada, or I can shut up and think of it as some curiosity, nothing more.

But he DOES look disturbingly evil:


There are, of course, much better pictures elsewhere but this one sums up my memory of him pretty well.

I never liked my own pictures, too, and I remember scaring quite a few people, including children, but I have an excuse – I don’t particularly want to be liked, our goal shouldn’t be success in this world, being rejected is actually a blessing, be it for the looks, lifestyle, convictions, whatever.

A devotee is actually a bane of this world – people should hate us with all their guts because devotees take away their source of enjoyment, they break their dreams about overlording everything they see and ask them to surrender to Krishna instead. Devotees come here to destroy everything people believe in. It’s songs and sweets only in the beginning, afterwards our egos get crashed, slowly and methodically, day by day, round by round, Name by Name, until we finally give up hanging onto our illusory dreams and surrender to Krishna.

The inconvenient truth is that we can’t have both – comfortable life here and devotion to Krishna, so, well, yeah, if people don’t like me they are doing me the greatest service, it’s the ones that admire me I should be afraid of because I might get attached to their veneration. Luckily for me these people are only imaginary, no one likes me that much.

So, until the new Pope does something extraordinary I will leave him and his church alone.


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