Vanity thought #579. The gap

There is a glaring gap in our basic understanding of how our Krishna consciousness is going to play out in the end. On the surface it’s very simple – chant the rounds and follow the program and return to Krishna at the end of your life. On the other hand it looks nothing like the advanced process of entering Krishna lila as described by our acharyas.

We don’t think about it at all while others exploit this gap to advance their own agenda and declare our ISKCON program incomplete. Obviously we need a better solution but AFAIK it doesn’t exist. Every day we sing samsara davanala lidha loka prayers that include descriptions of our gurus that are factually not correct. None of our spiritual masters is visibly engaged in assisting Radha and Krishna in their most intimate lilas, for example, though this is exactly the kind of activities that are necessary to train us to enter Goloka Vrindavana.

Without authoritative answer we can only speculate what’s going to happen. One option, for example, is to undertake further training by taking birth again during Krishna’s appearance in some other universe. This would not be the spiritual world per se but it wouldn’t be a karmic birth either. Maybe there’s a place in Goloka Vrindavana where devotees can continue their education but still not be participants in Krishna lila proper. Everything is possible there, isn’t it?

We also know that Lord Chaitanya has His own place on Goloka where He and His associates engage in eternal sankirtana and can freely move between both Krishna and Chaitanya lilas. We don’t know how it would work exactly and can only speculate.

Speculation, however, is not a part of our program and we should not occupy our minds with these concoctions.

Perhaps the best and the most mature solution is to keep faith in Srila Prabhupada and willingly accept existence of this kind of gaps as integral part of our surrender. That’s what surrender means – cede control of our future and accept the unknown. Otherwise our surrender would be like booking a flight – there’s no uncertainty in that, you know what’s going to happen at every step and if the airline fails to deliver you can sue them.

Perhaps we assume that our journey to the spiritual world would be just like that, all booked and preplanned, and the first class, too. That’s why we need answers, that’s why we need to know – we worry about our rights, we still trust only in our own knowledge and abilities. Needless to say this has nothing to do with surrendering to Krishna, it’s a completely opposite attitude and it’s the one we should purge from our hearts.

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