Vanity thought #511. Not in defense of rapists

But this needs to be argued – women frolicking at night take the potential male-female relationships to an entirely new level.

If a woman goes to a bar and drinks alone at midnight she will be stereotyped and let’s talk about what that stereotype implies. First of all it implies that she is sexually available for an intercourse with a complete stranger. Not only available, she desires it.

That realization changes the entire dynamic of how men look and relate to her. They do not see someone’s mother, daughter or wife, they do not see someone doing her job, they see a female looking for an intercourse and they estimate their own chances of “scoring”.

They realize that while on the surface the woman is likely to say “no” to any advance, it is nothing more than a puzzle box that needs to be opened. A man just needs to possess the right amount of charm, wit, chivalry, attitude, whatever works, and voila – Open Sesame! Potential suitors realize that this puzzle box was put out there to be opened, and they also realize that there’s no one right answer, whoever gets close enough before others will be granted access. They know that there’s a very little chance of that woman walking home alone, that she WILL have an intercourse with a stranger one way or another.

Now, that is not a defense of rapists, the decision to apply force is entirely their own and they need to answer for it, this entire rapist argument is a red herring.

The real problem is women looking for sex with strangers. Never forget that. Rape, date drugs, lies and all other kinds of abuse are unfortunate side effects, symptoms of a larger underlying disease, not the root problem.

Next question – is this stereotype true? Can a woman go out for a drink in the middle of the night without being expected to have sex? Can she go to a late night movie and walk home through deserted streets? Take a bus? Take a taxi?

Theoretically yes, and even practically so, but there’s still one big caveat – they all emulate behavior of women, mostly western, who are ALWAYS open to an intercourse with a stranger, if the stranger looks right. Obviously not right away in the first available alley but three dates should do it, more if they already have a partner.

Most of these women do not like to advertise it but the mindset is there – if a right man comes along, I will have sex, I’m always open for potential “business”.

This is miles and light years away from Vedic women who completely close themselves to any possibilities of having intimacy with anyone but their husbands.

Let me put it this way – Vedic woman – unobtainable, western woman – available for the right “price”.

There is the thing called chastity and you either have it or you don’t. It is a really a binary number. That is not to say that there are no degrees of slutiness, there are plenty of gray shades there, but there are definitely no degrees of chastity.

There’s this old Bernard Shaw’s joke – as a rich and famous man he once asked a woman to sleep with him for a million pounds, after she hesitated with an answer he asked if she would sleep with him for a hundred. “What kind of woman do you think I am!”, she protested. “Oh, I know what kind of woman you are, we are just negotiating the price”, answered Shaw.

There’s a lot of truth in this and we should always keep this in mind when women go to any kind of outing on their own or even with their girlfriends, who often are just a female equivalent of a wingman, helping each other to find a partner.

Can the traditional women engage in those kind of activities? Yes, for a while, but this kind of freedom is intoxicating and it does eventually go to their heads. Basically, this is bad association, only very lucky ones might remain untarnished and never succumb to temptations.

Better not start on this path at all.

Once again, this argument should be considered on its own, without emotional interference from the recent or any other rape cases, it’s not about men, it’s about women and their duties.

Hope it doesn’t offend anyone.

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