Vanity thought #471. Drashta and drishya

So I don’t feel obliged to post something at least connected to Damodara lila anymore and it feels weird.

Yay! I got my freedom, I can write and think about whatever I want – fail.

Damodara vrata is recommended by acharyas, following it is following their instructions. Freedom to write anything is like being excused from their service. It’s like when Krishnadasa was given freedom by Lord Chaitanya to do whatever he wanted.

I don’t want to be free from doing what Krishna or his representatives want from me. I don’t want to be free at all. Not again, please…

Now I can find the subjects myself, investigate and estimate their potential as if I’m a drashta and Krishna is drishya. Now I can look at Him or His manifestations and pastimes and pass judgments – this is suitable for my blog and that is not.

This is actually a curse. We can certainly study Krishna consciousness and everything related to it but we shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that Krishna consciousness is simply an extension of the field of our knowledge, the kshetra and kshetra-jna, as Krishna explained in Bhagavad Gita 13.1-2.

This attitude is just and extension of our illusion – we think we know our bodies, we study our minds, we know our families, societies and countries, we think we know the universe, and now we add Krishna consciousness to our ever-expanding field of knowledge.

If we ever want to please Krishna we should totally give it up. We should become the objects of His attention and His enjoyment, and maybe then He would reveal Himself to us. It’s like that famous recommendation of Srila Prabhupada – think not what you can do to see Krishna but what you can do so that Krishna wants to see you.

If we think that our studying of Krishna as the subject is pleasing Him then I just saw an example in the local newspaper that suggests otherwise, it was about presence of mobile phones in the classroom, with both pros and cons, but one of the main objections was that students film their teachers and then post videos on youtube. Teachers didn’t like that at all.

Even these materialists feel that it’s a severe abuse of teacher student relationship – students are not supposed to judge their teachers, they supposed to always be respectful and never ever put themselves in the position to pass comments or remarks or encourage and invite others to do so.

If teachers object to being viewed as subjects of amusement for the students, why would guru and Krishna feel any different?

Perhaps even if we enjoy listening to Krishna’s pastimes we should remember that we are not the enjoyers, they are not being told for our pleasure but for glorification of the Lord.

This drashta and kshetra-jna attitude is very difficult to uproot but we should at least be aware of it so that we develop a sharp sense for the occasions it exhibits itself.

There’s another way to look at it but I think it would be better left for another day.

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