Vanity thought #419. A letter to Krishna

A couple of days ago a devotee commented on one of my posts suggesting the possibility that my blog might attract Krishna’s attention just like Rukmini’s letter to Him. That was very sweet but is it really possible? Can our writing attract Krishna’s attention?

Rukmini sent a letter to Krishna directly, Krishna personally received it and took action, nonchalantly snatching her from under the nose of her groom on the day of their marriage. This story is spread over three chapters of Krishna Book.

Our situation is completely different. Rukmini had a real chance to serve Krishna as His wife, she had a suitable body and it was her destiny. We live in the bodies that wouldn’t be allowed in Krishna’s presence at all. With bodies like ours Krishna prefers to stay only in our hearts, and only after they’ve been completely purified. Since we use our materialistic bodies as proxies to serve Him, He equally accepts this service through His own proxies – our spiritual masters and vaishnavas.

Rukmini needed Krishna’s intervention to remedy her situation. If she wasn’t taken by Krishna her life would have been a total waste. We, on the other hand, already got what we need – the grace of Lord Chaitanya and service to His mission. We do not need any more protection, no one in the entire universe can lay claims on our service.

Our souls, bodies, and minds belong to Lord Chaitanya, no one else. We can misuse them, of course, but this is only between us and Him, no Sisupala can take our service unless we voluntarily offer it to him.

We don’t need to send letters to Krishna, He already knows everything in our hearts and minds and He already answered our prayers – by placing us at the lotus feet of our gurus.

Therefore we don’t write blogs to attract Krishna’s attention, we write them for our own purification, or as a service to Lord Chaitanya’s mission. Our efforts in this world won’t attract Krishna’s interest anyway, He only looks at what’s in our hearts. If we want to address Him directly we don’t need to put it up on the world wide web, we don’t need to advertise our prayers to the whole world to be heard, it would sound like a show off rather than a sincere desire to connect with the Lord.

Having said that, it would certainly be nice if Krishna or His representatives bestowed on us some blessings after reading something they like. If that is the price we need to pay to obtain devotion, we should take it even if it means typing up stuff 24/7.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Real problem is not with what we do, the problem is with our contaminated hearts, we can’t substitute purification of our hearts with any external activity and we can’t accelerate the process with any extraneous efforts. Krishna has already arranged the best situation for the cleansing of our hearts, provided all the tools – cleaning liquids, brushes, manuals, expert advice and training – we’ve got everything we need already, just have to keep on working.

On the other hand, Rupa Goswami sometimes wrote books and verses for the pleasure of his brother Sanatana. That is a great example for any modern day blogger, too – write something that would please the devotees.

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