Vanity thought #414. From ABC to XYZ

The very first thing I learned about spiritual world is that this is where spirit souls go to experience real enjoyment, where all the trees are desire trees, every step is a dance and so on. The enjoyment one experiences there is incomparable to enjoyment experienced through material senses.

Vaikuntha – the place with no suffering, I’ve been taught, and Vrindavana is even more enjoyable than that. We go to Vrindavana and we see polluted Yamuna or dried up trees, but we are taught that spiritual Vrindavana is full of bliss in every respect, not at all like what we see with our material eyes. There are flowers everywhere, every tree bears the most wonderful fruits, birds sing the sweetest songs – the whole nine yards of utmost pleasure.

That was kind of spiritual ABC for me. If they talked about XYZ it didn’t register quite as strongly. I mean the fact that gopis are not seeking any kind of enjoyment at all. They might have the sweetest fruit ever but they do not have any desire to taste it. They derive pleasure from making other people to enjoy, mostly Krishna and Radharani.

Relating the talk between Lord Chaitanya and Ramananda Raya Srila Krishnadasa Kaviraja says:

By nature, Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī is just like a creeper of love of Godhead, and the gopīs are the twigs, flowers and leaves of that creeper.

When the nectar of Kṛṣṇa’s pastimes is sprinkled on that creeper, the happiness derived by the twigs, flowers and leaves is ten million times greater than that derived by the creeper itself.

That means that not only gopis ignore all the unparalleled treasures of Vrindavana, they are also not keen on Krishna’s pastimes themselves, they get ten million times more happiness by getting their mistress to enjoy them instead.

Spiritual world might be full of bliss, but if it gets multiplied ten million times when you manage someone else to enjoy it, then on its own it’s really insignificant. That, afaik, is the X, Y, and Z of spiritual education.

Funny how it never occurred to me before, I mean how it never actually occurred to ME, not passed through my mind and into my long term memory, and I see that I’m not alone in missing this point. We live our lives in service to guru and Krishna subconsciously expecting to get a better deal at the end of our lives. Like we get onto Vimanas provided by Vishnudutas and then travel to the spiritual world where our lives will finally become perfect.

We complain, without a second thought, how inconvenient this world is, we listen to hundreds of hours of lectures describing all the bad things happening here, in addition to all the troubles we have to deal in our own lives. It all sets our minds in one direction – we should not seek happiness here, we should seek it in the spiritual world.

This attitude becomes something axiomatic and unquestionable, the driving motive behind most of our activities here.

In reality, that’s only getting spiritual ABC. Come to think of it, it’s the mentality of a karma kandi, the mentality of an enjoyer. Now, karma kandis want to enjoy in this material world, it not fair to compare devotees to karma kandis, we are way smarter than that, we think that instead of asking Krishna for another material body that is destined to get sick, old, and finally die, we should ask for a spiritual body that had unlimited strength to enjoy its senses and that never feels any inconvenience.

When we surrender ourselves to Krishna we do it with full faith that He would take care of all our needs. It takes us years and decades to accept that He would take care of our spiritual needs first and foremost, not our material comforts. Every time something goes wrong in our lives we appeal to Him for shelter and protection.

What we actually want is for Him to protect our material bodies and our material misconceptions about ourselves. That is not even spiritual ABC, it’s drawing lines and circles in the sandbox.

There’s cardinal difference between this attitude and the attitude of the gopis described earlier. Gopis do not dare to think of attracting any Krishna’s attention to themselves. For them getting the nectar of Krishna’s pastimes means sudden, ten million time drop in the level of their happiness. It must be devastating for them to stop Krishna from enjoying with Sri Radha and steal His attention form Her.

Practically it means we are not even remotely ready, we still see spiritual world as an improved version of the material world, only infinitely better. Our core attitude that got us kicked out and bound to our material bodies is still there, the attitude of enjoyers.

Not to despair, it might still work to get us out of our misery, but those of us aiming at becoming rupanugas might need to re-examine our core commitments. We should not aim at getting the best deal out of our relations with God, that is not what servants do, we should aim at getting the best deal for our masters, our gurus.

Sounds preposterous but that is the point of serving their mission – so that Krishna enjoys their presentation to Him. When Krishna showers them with love and appreciation we would be ten million times happier than if He would gave a nod to us personally.

This XYZ stuff is hard to achieve but if we’ve been told about it and so we should take it up seriously.

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