Vanity thought #387. Krishna and Mother Isa

About a week ago I watched the latest video of HH Niranjana Swami where he mentioned that he was going to visit his godsister Mother Isa. I thought it was a little strange for a sannyasi to plan such visits so far ahead and there must have been a special case. Indeed it was.

Mother Isa, it turns out, is a ninety five year old devotee who in 2006 had a severe stroke and lost all her memory. When she woke up she didn’t know how to eat or dress herself and she didn’t remember her name either. She was administered therapy and eventually she got better – she was telling her doctors that her home was Vrindavan! No one but the devotees understood what she really meant.

In recent years, however, her external consciousness got a lot worse. Right now she can hardly remember anything and communicate with the outside world again. She can’t remember names or faces of her visitors and she has trouble recognizing pictures of the Deities.

At the moment the only task she commits herself to is singing Hare Krishna mantra. Her consciousness, apparently, cannot handle anything else, but that is not all – she doesn’t want to waste the opportunities presented to her even with such a fragile and practically useless body – she does weekly kirtans where she gets everyone to sing “Krishna song” with her!

Here’s a video made shortly after Niranjana Swami’s visit.

Looking at this video I can’t imagine how she manages to do her scheduled kirtans but it is really happening. The only explanation I have is that Krishna is in full and total control of her body and soul. When it’s time to chant He provides the necessary strength to her external consciousness and let her love and devotion shine through.

This is the sweetest example of loving care Krishna provides for His devotees I’ve seen in recent memory and it filled my heart with appreciation and hope that one day He will remember me, too. Unfortunately, by the time I sat down to type this up the feeling was lost.

Here are the sources:

Dandavat’s article by HH Niranjana Swami

His 2008 Vyasapuja offering describing the life of Mother Isa.

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