Vanity thought #384. With us or against us

This saying is originally attributed to Jesus, though I heard he later modified it to sound less sinister than G.W. Bush version he introduced when he inaugurated his war on terror.

In the context of developing Krishna consciousness and going back to Godhead, however, I think it’s as uncompromising as Jesus’ original version.

From the very beginning I thought Krishna consciousness is the best thing in the world, in a sense “most appreciated”. Surely very few people know about it but I genuinely believe that God’s devotees actually form the cream of the society – the most educated, more prominent, richest individuals. Kali yuga, of course, screws everything up, but the wealthiest country in the world, the US, was build by sincere worshipers of Christ, so called WASP, there’s no denying it.

So I thought that progress in Krishna consciousness will eventually be appreciated by the whole world. We all cheer when devotees get acknowledged by the rest of the society, be it George Harrisson songs or HH Radhanath Swami meeting with presidents and Prime Ministers. I think that this is the path to perfection – with everybody throwing rose petals.

This attitude manifests in a variety of ways. We, for example, are absolutely convinced that we have the best philosophy in the world and we have answers to all questions. They just don’t know about it yet. We also believe that we present the most humane model of society – with no violence or intoxication or gambling or illicit sex. We believe that everyone would eventually give us credit for all those things.

We look at the devotees and we see perfect, fully accomplished human beings, or at least we want to see them that way.

The thing is, however, is that we are not with this world and they are not with us, they are against us and we stand against everything they hold most dear – their independence of God and their desire to be enjoyers. We can only pretend that we share the core values with them but we don’t. Our existence threatens them, they can’t have us around and lead “peaceful” lives of sense gratification.

Conversely, we can’t share their value structure either. Our concepts or right and wrong are fundamentally different, and let’s not talk about Krishna’s morals for a moment – it’s going to be disastrous.

They are not going to cheer our success and throw rose petals at us, they would seek various ways to validate their own values and that means they would never accept ours and they would try to bring us down to their level – feeling snug, safe and comfortable in their bodies and their “societies”.

We are far more likely to be condemned and humiliated for our faith in Krishna than appreciated and praised, they don’t need our logic and arguments, they don’t need our “high” moral standards – they want us to be sinners just like the rest of them, giving up reason for the great taste of a burger or any other national food that is supposed to be universally admired.

They want us to be good citizens and perfect patriots, putting the interests of the country above anything else. They would argue that serving the humanity is the best kind of worship. Not for us, sorry.

If Krishna ever sends vimanas to carry us to His planet no one will see them. People would probably be kicking and spitting on our agonizing bodies, moments from our deaths after being dragged through market places and publicly humiliated. Our relatives will, of course, cry, but that’s mostly for their own selfish reasons.

When Krishna said “My devotee will never perish” He might not have meant it as to be “universally worshiped”, not in Kali yuga at least. We can’t honestly expect a praiseworthy end to our material journey. In fact it’s going to be quite the opposite – we are expected to see ourselves as lowest of the lowest, with all the spite and indifference awarded for such a position, and it’s not just a figure of speech but an honest and blatantly obvious assessment of our situation.

So, we should welcome those who crush our egos as our best friends and stay as far away as possible from flatterers.

Actually, our only friends are devotees of the Lord, the rest of the world is in the “against us” category, forgetting this fact can lead to our eternal doom – quite within the grasp of developing true Krishna consciousness but never being able to make the last couple of steps.

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