Vanity thought #365. Darned objectivity

The debate over proper means of motivation raged on Dandavats for quite some time, until the OP posted four replies to clarify his position.

For a couple of days I thought of a clever way to respond, exploiting holes left in his presentation. There’s one that didn’t let me sleep or chant in peace and I was all ready to present my rebuttal but then I decided to drop the matter completely.

I know what is wrong there, I’ve mentioned it here earlier, and I’ve got even more on the subject, but who really needs this stuff? All it achieves is an argument with a senior devotee who had been a devotee before I was even born.

Srila Jiva Goswami was banished from Vrindavana for arguing with a friend of his spiritual master, didn’t matter that he was right and the senior devotee was wrong.

Objectivity means squat in devotional life. I’ve been railing against it here but now it’s the time to put this theory in practice and drop my own search for truth if it saves me from public spat that might present a respected vaishnava in less favorable way, not to mention damage to my own spiritual life.

It took me most of the day to come to grips with this decision and I had to go through several versions of my farewell message until I finally retired almost all references to alleged holes in that devotee’s presentation. It was surprisingly easy to sit down and actually post it then. I think I did the right thing.

As for the matter itself – as I said, I know where its weak spots are and I’m ready to watch for them in my own life and elsewhere, there’s no need to go public about it, let Krishna sort it out, it’s not my job to correct senior devotees. In fact I have no right to correct any devotee – it’s the responsibility of gurus and managers and I’m neither.

I hope this episode helps me fight this tendency to control other people’s lives. It’s a small start but I have to make the first step somewhere.


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