Vanity thought #350. Making money is hard

unless you do it for Krishna. We often miss this point – Krishna owns our entire universe and everything inside it, and there are riches here that are beyond our imagination. When He needs something He can summon it instantaneously.

Actually it’s a bit more complicated than that because Krishna Himself doesn’t normally touch anything in this world, He’s got His trusted servants to fetch anything He might desire.

We, on the other hand, often think that money is the problem. It isn’t, it becomes a problem only in relation to resources allotted to us by karma and our immediate desires. We don’t always get what we want, as they sing. The amount of funds is sufficient or not only in relation to how much we want, not to how much is needed for Krishna’s service.

Krishna will take anything we offer, and His trusted servants will provide the exact required amount – we will always get what He needs, as they sing in the next line. There’s nothing for us to worry, though worrying about things like that could be pleasing to Krishna, too. If we do it right we will know it worked regardless of how much funds were eventually raised.

That part, about funds needed for serving Krishna, is more or less easy to understand, but the reality is that most of the time we worry about our own situation. What to do when we feel that money is tight? Naturally we start worrying and, perhaps, even praying, maybe reminding Krishna about “Surrender to Me, I’ll take care of everything” promise.

I propose a different approach to solving this problem – we should try and see our maintenance as service, too. That way we can start seeing that our bodies and our families will be provided to the amount needed for Krishna’s service, no more no less. We won’t get what we want but we’ll surely get what we need to engage our bodies and our families in service and to guarantee everyone’s spiritual progress.

Surely we’ll be tempted to slide back and start daydreaming about new cars or develop some other attachments but the only working method to drive those away is to remind ourselves that our souls and our desires are separate things and our bodies and minds are meant for Krishna’s pleasure. We should stop seeing them as separate.

On some level we shouldn’t mix our service with our day jobs – to keep our priorities in order, but eventually we should start treating our jobs as our service, too, not less important than reading Prabhupada’s books, for example – we should have time in our lives for both.

The only way to stop worrying about money is to start worrying about Krishna.

To finish off I just want to mention one important lesson about money – it’s great to get a rich person to donate a million dollars to Krishna but it’s far far better to get a million people to donate a dollar each. Or rupees and paisas, works either way. We are not in the business of collecting money, we are in the business of collecting souls.

It’s from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati.

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