Vanity thought #349. Preeminent Gaudiya program

In Bhagavad Gita Krishna described several ways of achieving self-realization. Srimad Bhagavatam describes even more methods of achieving perfection, starting with shravanam (Maharaja Parikshit), kirtanam (Shukadeva Goswami) and so on.

Nothing, however, compares with what is offered in Gaydiya vaishnavism by followers of Lord Chaitanya and we need to remind ourselves of our immense good fortune.

As Mahaprabhu’s followers we should not even worry about achieving perfection, we should only concern ourselves with satisfaction of guru and Krishna. If Krishna is satisfied we do not need anything else. If He so desires He can grant us all perfections in the world or He can keep us under the spell of His external energy, we do not have time to worry about our own position.

Even more than that, as followers of Gaudiya Vaishnavism we do not actually aspire for Krishna’s pleasure – we consider ourselves unqualified to serve Him directly. Instead we dedicate our entire lives to delivering even tiny drops of happiness to Krishna’s devotees. If Krishna’s devotees are satisfied, we do not need all the other treasures of spiritual perfections.

This is a very tall order and most of us will never live to this standard of humility and devotion but the method and the examples are already there for us to aspire to.

In our daily lives we naturally become preoccupied with worries about service and abilities and progress, not to mention food, shelter and so on. That is okay, we just don’t have enough faith in guru and Krishna but if we ever get a glimpse of our real duties and our real purpose all these concerns will fade away.

If necessary, Krishna will provide, if not – it’s His own sweet will, our perfection is in trying, in desiring His satisfaction. The apparent success or failure as manifested in this world through His external energy do not interest Him, I doubt He even has the capacity to react to our ups and downs the way we, the conditioned souls, do. This is not the reality and it shouldn’t serve as our motivation. The ups and downs should not affect our determination either.

Our bodies are destined to be crushed by the wheel of time, perhaps even in the most humiliating manner. We should not expect a warm welcome in this world, living souls here will die for a chance to squash aspirations of a devotee and Krishna grants them all their wishes. So what if they hate us and ridicule our efforts? Getting their recognition is not our goal and, equally, failure in their eyes is not our failure.

Our only failure is if we forget the supreme benediction of Gaudiya vaishnavism. Our greatest misfortune is if we refuse the mercy of Sri Chaitanya and His devotees, if we turn down His offer of unalloyed devotional service.

We won’t find better perfection anywhere and we won’t achieve it in any other way.

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