Vanity thought #333. Disclaimer

For all the nice plans about divorcing the mind and listening straight to Krishna’s names some hard facts need to be laid down first.

The ability to serve Krishna within our hearts without paying any attention to the activities of the external body and mind is the highest stage of self-realization in this world. However nice goal it is, very very few persons are actually able to achieve it and we are not explicitly told to try and pursue it.

It’s not very important. We should have trust in the process given to us by Srila Prabhupada even if it doesn’t produce that kind of results in the observable time period. Work now, samadhi later.

Lord Chaitanya can be very pleased with our service without us becoming bumbling idiots, or in Krishna’s own word – retards, because that’s how a generic self-realized person appears to outsiders. There’s nothing wrong with it on the spiritual platform but our immediate goal is to present our mission very nicely and attract as many people as possible.

It’s okay for a self-realized person to let his mind go whenever it wants because that would never ever break his concentration. People not on that platform, however, are bound to follow the mind and that becomes offensive to the Holy Name.

I’m all for excluding the mind from japa but as long as it’s there and I’m obliged to try and control it.

Prior to describing how a self-realized person lives in this world Krishna gave lots of instructions on how to achieve that stage. Among other things one should learn to control his mind and senses first, in incremental steps, by trying to bring the mind under the influence of the mode of goodness.

Only when that process is completed one can let go of the mind and engage in internal meditation.

Whatever “discoveries” I might have made there’s absolutely no reason to change my daily practice in any way. I mean it’s okay to tighten it up but definitely no slacking.

It’s nice to realize that my being and my mind can be totally separated in theory, in practice it might take several lifetimes so I’d better stock on patience first.

The good news is that excluding the mind from japa is actually working, even if for brief periods. I might consider keeping that state for all sixteen rounds as the ultimate target for the remainder of my life.

On an unrelated note – I’m half way to the Beast – 333 is 666/2.

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