Vanity thought #286. Pregnant with thoughts.

It’s actually not so easy to have a thought a day, not worth posting publicly anyway, thoughts need time to mature and ripen, so as I’m thinking of reviving putting something up on the internet daily, again, I find my head pretty empty. There’s something brewing up there but it needs time to take shape.

On average I think the idea needs three days from first popping up to the being ready for a post, so today’s stuff will be ready by Wednesday.

In the meantime I’ll use something that appeared important to me a short while ago.

It was a Bhagavatam class and the speaker described various expansions of Krishna. Balarama is the first, then there’s the quadruple expansion of Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Vasudeva and Sankarshana. In the scriptures all these expansions are assigned various responsibilities and at the end of the class someone asked – if Aniruddha is the presiding deity of the mind, shouldn’t we pray to Him when we want to control our minds and direct them towards Krishna?

I don’t remember what the answer was, perhaps it was totally satisfactory, but my first thought was – we are followers of Lord Chaitanya and so He provides us with everything we need to succeed in devotional service including mind control. Moreover, He provides us with all our material needs, too – He is also a yuga avatara who established yuga dharma. Some people are not as fortunate as to try to give up all their material ambitions and strive to become pure devotees yet even for them chanting of the Holy Name is still the best method of fulfilling all their desires.

From this standpoint to go and pray to someone else for what is already given to us by Lord Chaitanya amounts to a betrayal.

I can’t put it any other way.

In fact I think out bond with Lord Chaitanya will never ever be broken, not even if we deserve the right to enter into Krishna’s pastimes. I think our spiritual home will still be Navadvipa.

Not to mean any disrespect to Lord Aniruddha but we already have our Lord and Master and we don’t need any others.

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