Vanity thought #177. Ever expansion.

We know by default that the bliss in the spiritual world ever expands. I suppose it’s not only the bliss but everything else, too, and I think now I have a better idea how it happens. Not necessarily a correct idea, better speculation, I should say.

I rely on the concept that everything we have here is possible because it exists there. Maybe it’s a reflection, maybe it’s a perversion, but we should be able to form some ideas about spiritual world by looking at how things manifest here.

Looking at process of expansion in the material world should translate rather well because we have basically the same ingredients – spiritual souls and Lord’s enabling energies.

As spirit souls we never stop desiring things, we provide desires to the process, actually we provide nothing else. In the spiritual world we might have some real powers to do something but in this world we only have desires. Maybe even only one desire – enjoy independently of Krishna, the rest comes from our false ego, intelligence and mind.

It’s hard not to remind of the Matrix here, it’s a perfect illustration – millions of human beings plugged into a giant machine that makes them believe they are living real lives. The machine, in exchange, saps their life energy. Human beings in that model are nothing but energy sources.

Actually, our whole society operates on similar arrangements. We have leaders who harness our belief in them, our voluntary dedication of our thoughts, desires and resources. These leaders realize that left on our own we dedicate our lives to one thing or another anyway.

It’s a nature of human beings to develop interest in something and then rigorously pursue the object of our desires. It could be a mating partner, could be a hobby, could be a vocation. Whatever it is, we are happy to throw any resources we have at it, selflessly, just for a chance to contribute something.

Clever among us figured out that it’s the best deal they can ever make with another human. Normally you have to pay for everything in one way or another but if you get control of the object of someone’s desires you get yourself a perfect puppet, a slave. No, better than a slave because that person would love serving you and won’t ask for anything in return.

Our desires is the most precious thing we have because we voluntary give everything else we have with them. Politicians and marketeers make a very good living out of capturing our desires and dreams, they get those and we bring the rest ourselves, and that’s how the world grows and expands.

Everything grows from the seeds of our desires. First there’s an initial attraction and then it snowballs, from first “Hello world” script to Facebook with seven hundred fifty million users, add one feature at a time, or more, if you can, keep adding, making it more complex, branch out, collaborate, network, and you get yourself a universe.

Lord Brahma started with the “Om”, just one single word, and look what it grew into.

Robots can’t do that. Artificial intelligence can’t do that – it all comes from the life force, from spirit souls.

There’s a theory of language acquisition by young children and for about fifty years now one of the axioms is the “innate grammar” idea – little children, without being taught, figure our complex grammatical rules and in a space of one or two years, before they even learn to wipe their little asses, they manage to produce amazing little speeches combining previously unrelated ideas and concepts in new ways they have never experienced before. Robots can’t do that – they can synthesize sounds but they can’t synthesize sentences. They can use grammatical building blocks but they can’t produce fresh ideas out of them – that’s the responsibility of the life force, to move things forward.

The material energy is here to oblige, the more we want something, the more cooperative it becomes. Little by little we get the experience, our determination strengthens and material energy seems to bend to our will. At one point if Bill Gates dropped a thousand dollar note it would have been cheaper for him to keep walking and do whatever he was doing than to pause and pick it up, his time was so valuable. I’m sure there are even better examples now but that one is still memorable.

In this world, of course, all of these desires are supplied to us by the material nature. First it provides us with choices, then with spark of interest, then with passion and perseverance, it provides us with intelligence and it arranges “good luck”, too. On the most basic level it gives us suitable bodies. Frogs don’t want to win Oscars or make billions on the internet. Bill Gates might seem free to contemplate his next big passion but all his choices are dictated by his surroundings anyway.

Imagine how it goes in the spiritual world where you don’t have to start all over again with each new body? Here we might lose the interest in something if we get to to the top of the pyramid, there’s nowhere to go anymore, if not that we are bound to become old and die – there are natural limits on all our activities. It doesn’t happen in the spiritual world, you can build on and improve indefinitely.

Maybe we start with Hare Krishna, just like little children start with “mama” and “dada”, but in no time we’ll start making more complicated sentences, our “innate grammar” unwhirls and we’ll become new little persons no one has ever met before, building our own service, never seen before, offering our own love, never experienced before even by Krishna Himself.

I hope there are still some teachers there, babies might be unique but they still need to see other people talking and they need to build vocabulary. I also hope there’s some sort of the Internet there, too. These days I can’t imagine learning something new if it’s not on the Internet. Joining a library and flipping their catalogs seems awfully inefficient.

Whatever provisions are there, even if lacking some, I don’t think it will stop us just like it doesn’t stop people on Earth. Human ingenuity does not depend on provisions, the only requirement is presence of life.

Oh, and the spiritual nature should be a lot more cooperative once you set your mind on something. It should be easier than we can possibly imagine here.

Also, things here tend to decay, break down, and get forgotten. It shouldn’t happen in the spiritual world. If you become a darned good carpenter here you might still find yourself out of job and all your achievements will be worth nothing. Won’t happen there, we’ll never waste our time on re-training, though, I imagine, we can always learn new skills in pleasing Krishna.

Also, at the end of our lives here we can look back and be proud of all the things we have done but we can’t relive them again – no can do. You can’t teach your son to play ball again, you can’t learn to ride a bike again either. It was fun but you can’t repeat it. Not so in the spiritual world. Not only you create new things any time you want, you can re-create old things all over again, too. You can replay then, tweak them, act on all your second thoughts – there’s no limit to the possibilities.

There’s only one thing that can check that ever-expansion – us turning away from Krishna. I did it, I am not proud of it, if I wanted a change of scene I got it. Now I’m trying to revive that old taste. It should be sweet but if I turned away once, what would keep me from making the same unfortunate choice again?

I guess I’ll have to go back to find out.

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