Vanity thought #54. Seven flavors.

Seven days of the week are ruled by seven planets, each planet adds a different flavor, though most of the time it is overcome by more pressing matters and so is too subtle to notice.


I was thinking about variations in my japa and its wild swings and I thought maybe planetary influences are responsible for it.


So Monday, the day of Moon – mental. Can’t restrain my mind, it flies everywhere and worries about everything.


Tuesday, the day of Mars – valiant. My mind takes on japa head on, gets nowhere and explodes with anger.


Wednesday, the day of Mercury – fast and shrewd. After Tuesday’s frustration my mind finds a bunch of excuses for everything and negotiates mutually acceptable positions, no feeling of guilt, no anger, everything seems to be okay.


Thursday, the day of Jupiter – wise, reserved, and deeply satisfying. Just what you would expect from the teacher of the demigods, there’s nothing better for spiritual progress than benedictions of Jupiter.


Friday, the day of Venus – enjoyable. Just what you would expect from the teacher of the asuras. What is the point of knowledge if you can’t enjoy it, it is a perfect time to let the hair down and enjoy the fruits of chanting.


Saturday, the day of Saturn – sorrowful and miserable ascetic. After Friday’s indulgences it is a payback time. There is no joy left, just destitution and desire to withdraw.


Sunday, the day of Sun – pride and glory. There’s nothing better to boost one’s morale than good rays of Sun god. After the whole week of ups and downs my mind emerges as a winner and is getting ready to march to glory.


Unfortunately Monday comes next and the mind starts worrying again. Then it reaches Friday, it drops of the wagon and tastes the fruits, then on Saturday it is thrown back to square one, and on Sunday it thinks it is ready to start again.



Each planet has both positive and negative flavors, btw. On a good Moon day the mind is happy and contended, on a good Mars day it is honest and uncompromising, on Wednesday it might cheat, or find a working compromise, on Jupiter’s day it might feel full of opulence or it might feel poor, spiritual but unappreciated. Fridays and Venus might bring happiness, or might plunge me in sense enjoyment. Saturn might make me miserable but it could also make me renounced and focused on strictly spiritual goals. Sunday might bring pride but it also might bring clarity and determination.


The planets influence is not only connected to their ruling days, that is probably their most subtle manifestation, on a day to day basis it might be overwhelmed by other factors, as I said, but those new, stronger flavors are still coming from the same planets, just via something else.


I don’t see much value in this but one thing really matters – whatever I feel during chanting is not due to my inner realizations on the level of the soul, whatever I feel is still brought on by material elements, the planets and gunas, and is expressed on a material level – through  mind and intelligence. Even though they might be under complete control of the Lord they are still workings of the material nature and are not correlated with the soul.


I would even dare and say that when a pure devotee cries for Krishna and tears flow down his face and his voice trembles, all these manifestations still has to appear through material elements, or rather Lord’s external potency, we don’t call them “material” when they are connected to God.


In my case, however, I do not expect Krishna to take any special interest in what is going on in my mind, I should better ignore it altogether. It always thinks something , sometimes it might appear as a sign of progress, like under the influence of Jupiter, sometimes as a sign of failure, like under the influence of Mars or Saturn. Don’t take it seriously, both feelings are fleeting and impermanent. Thank God the planets get my mouth to chant, that’s the most important part, how it feels afterward is just a distraction.

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