Vanity thought #8. Blue boy.

I was once falling asleep while reading a book about Krishna’s pastimes and in a dreamy state of mind I had a vision of a blue something. It didn’t look like a boy,  just a blue something, and it wasn’t even human, more like an octopus spread across several chairs and I could see only a small part of its body.

But that wasn’t the strangest part. What really hit me at that time was the idea that after millions and millions of years searching, discovering, learning, reaching for the stars, you get to meet this blue thing and that’s all there is. There’s nothing more, the end. There’s nowhere to go and nothing to find. And it’s the end not only for me, it’s the end for him, too, and he’s been there since forever.

He just sits there all by himself, there’s nothing for him to find, to discover, nowhere to go (I was more worried that there’s nothing more to find for me, but let’s not be too selfish). Everywhere He turns, it’s the same old Him. He can’t run from Himself, literally – everywhere is just more of Him, there’s nothing and nobody else but Him in His world.

From our point of view, as soon as some thought flashes through my mind, or through the minds of countless souls, every second of countless millenniums, He knows all about it, He knows where it came from, He knows where it goes, and how it will end. We live through it, we hope, we strive, and we die for some of it.

But for Him there’s absolutely no excitement in any of this. Nothing, zilch, nada.

Can life be anymore boring for Him? He must be full of desolation.

Now, if I ever meet Him I hope He’ll be a lot more attractive than my dream vision, but the principal problem for Him still stands – He has no equals, no rivals, no mysteries. He must be the loneliest person in the whole universe. So much for being God.

The solution, of course, is to create playmates out of himself and treat them as equals, make them challenging and unpredictable, that would spice up his life. I’m talking about a new movie Megamind now, btw. Same lonely blue boy who conquered the world but can’t find happiness in being the greatest ever.

Megamind’s color is exactly like it was in my dream. Pure coincidence, I just saw the movie an hour ago.

Anyway, I really hope this solution works for Him (hey, I hope it works out for me, too).

Otherwise it’s just untold, eternal suffering, bluest depression, and possibly suicidal thoughts. We can’t have our God suffer like this.

Please, someone tell him He is not alone, we’re on our way, once we get untangled from this “bhavambudhi” we’ll try our best to cheer Him up. Maybe not me, but surely someone will come.

Yeah, like He needs our help in His Goloka… We can only hope and wait.

Anyway, I had a few more thoughts about these Krishna’s pastimes with his parents and friends and gopis, but let’s save them for another day.

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