Vanity thought #5. Who am I kidding?

Yesterday I mentioned rasa katha. It so happens that I often hear about it from ex-ISCKON devotees who are now with Radha Kund babajis or Gaudiya Math. I don’t approve, but at least they talk about Krishna and his pastimes, and they are really fixed (fixated) on Srimati Radharani.


I was reading Brihad Bhagavatamrita the other day, the part where Gopa Kumar reaches Goloka, and I saw it very clearly – for a person like me, who had to look up Wikipedia for the difference between a daisy and a chamomile, all those kadamba flowers and bimba fruit mean absolutely nothing. It all flies straight past me.


Had some Jane Austin put those books in a word file and ran” find and replace” the names for some  Jack and Sally, I wouldn’t have finished the first page. I only read them because I’ve been told to and they have Krishna’s names in them so they must be beneficial overall, otherwise I have absolutely no taste for this kind of literature.


So, in a way, I admire those devotees for their dedication to rasa katha, no matter what the official position is. If, God forbid, I lose faith in ISKCON and leave shelter of Srila Prabhupada, I won’t be hanging around Radha Kund, that’s for sure.


Maybe those devotees have not moved up in their spiritual progress by leaving ISKCON, but Krishna is still supremely merciful to them by giving them the taste and devotion to his lilas. So what if it’s impure, I’m not the one to judge. If I were in their shoes I’d be doing much, much worse.


In order to keep my mind fixed (fixated) on Krishna, I need to find books where he reveals His supremely transcendental form as a Tegra Android smartphone running Honeycomb to display full potency of a dual-core architecture. That might convince me, in the short term.


I guess I’ll be praying to serve as His battery pack, or at least a wall outlet, or even a lowly USB connector.


Or what if there’s a new line in Bhagavad Gita: “Among mobile devices I am the iPhone”?


Would it mean I’ve worshiping false gods all along?

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