Vanity thought #1

Some people say that the mind becomes very lucid during japa and so if something interesting comes up, one should stop and jot it down.

Well, here’s a thought – at least as far as my own mind is concerned, it’s very very expert at eluding listening to Krishna’s names and comes up with millions of compelling reasons to distract me from doing my service.

Why would I want to jot any of that down?

As a matter of fact, after doing a little and throughly unreliable research, every “wonderful” solution to every problem that manifests in my mind during japa turns out to be quite the opposite of what should be done if I consider it after I’ve finished chanting.

So, if you heard your mind say something during japa, do exactly the opposite.

The paradox is that the whole idea of posting these vanity thoughts came to me this morning, somewhere on the round eight.

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